Anfitrion Precioso en Andorra

in the Pyrenees Mountains of AndorraOkay, so it has almost been a two weeks since my last post and it feels like forever ago. Four countries later I feel as though I have some catching up to do. My only excuse for not posting sooner is that we spent the last couple of weeks with friends and somehow time just got swallowed up.

Andorra Country SignThe last I left you, we had finished our week on the Canal Du Midi. From there, we drove to the Country of Andorra in the middle of the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain where we were welcomed by our friend and gracious host Christina.

Alpine trekking in Pyrenees Mountains in AndorraOn our first day in Andorra we decided to head up into the Andorran Mountains for some Alpine trekking. We got out of the car touched the snow, which we had not seen in well over a year, shivered a bit, took a few pictures and then hopped back into the warmth of our car. After a full year of sunshine and hot, hot weather our bodies went into shock with this new climate. My Sri Lankan cotton top and Balinese scarf were just not cutting it so we decided to drive down the mountain for a hike without the white stuff.

Pyrenees Mountains in AndorraAh, now that’s more like it for us ill-equipped fair weathered folk.

Alpine trekking in Pyrenees Mountains in Andorra

Wildflowers of AndorraChristina lent us a book on identifying local wildflowers for our hike which turned out to be a hit with Lydia. she loved looking up every flower we came across. Which, by the way, were plentiful.

Andorra stone housesOn one of our excursions we came across a couple of stone buildings. I got out of the car to grab a few snapshots accompanied by Lydia, who quickly decides she wants to go inside and check out the buildings. Uh uh…mama aint going in there. The buildings were pitch black inside and to top things off, there were some clothes stacked in the window, which at first glance, I thought was a large doll…too creepy for this gal. When I get back into the car I tell Paul and Callum that Lydia wanted to go in, but I was too scared to take her. Well, being the Macho, Macho Man that Paul is, he says “Too scared! Bwah, I`ll go in!”. So Paul gets out of the car, slowly walks up to the smaller of the two buildings, has a quick peek inside the door, does an about-face and heads right back to the safety of our vehicle. In the end, no one entered the buildings, but we came up with some really creepy scenarios as we drove away.

AndooraAndorra is filled with beautiful villages, landscapes and fresh mountain water that cascades through the towns. No need to buy water here, just bring your water bottle with you and filler up as needed.

Arinsal Village in AndorraOn one of the days while we visited Andorra, we went to the village of Arinsal where our good peeps from Nanaimo used to call home. We also spent some time in the Modern Centre of Andorra which is quite beautiful with loads of shopping, both new and historical buildings and interesting monuments. Unfortunately, for our trip into the town of Andorra we forgot the camera. I know right!

Thanks Christina for a wonderful stay in Andorra. We had a magnificent time with you, your family and friends. Preciosa!

Next on the Agenda we head to Spain to meet up with friends from home.


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  2. You friend!!!! Made me cry!!???

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