Good Times with our Compadres in Spain

rental bikes in Barcelona, SpainAh shucks, another part of the world where there are oodles of vineyards. Why, oh why, do we keep ending up here. We landed our vehicle in Alella, smack dab in the middle of not only wine country, but white wine country. My personal favorite! After parking the car we headed to our apartment where we were met by our good friends from home. After months of travelling, I can`t tell you how good it was to see one of mi amigas. Thank god for sunglasses as no one knew I shed a tear or two when Gina and I hugged. So good…so good.Alella apartment close to Barcelona SpainWe decided to stay on the outskirts of Barcelona in the quiet little town of Alella. Our apartment was on the second floor overlooking the town plaza. It was absolutely perfect for us with only a short 25 minute train ride into Barcelona to meet our friends and see the city.friends in BarcelonaEveryone happy to be with friends. Paul was especially happy with his meat cone.Barcelona side streets on game night
One of our favorite pass times was meandering through side streets, courtyards and plazas while taking in the buzz of game night in Barcelona.Barcalona Park
And hanging at the park where the kids played ping-pong and/or soccer (I guess they call it Football in this neck of the woods) and us parents could chillax and visit. Or you know, take a nap on a park bench.Gaudi's work in Barcelona,SpainOf  course no trip to Barcelona would be complete without laying witness to some of Gaudi`s noteable work within the city. Much like the exterior, I am sure the interior was equally awe-inspiring, but we decided to skip the crowds, admire his work from afar and move along to the beach.Cadaques, SpainAfter a fantastic weekend in Barcelona we hit the road again, this time with our friends, and headed to Cadaques, a beautiful spanish seaside town.Cadaques, Spain

Cadaques, Spain

Cadaques, Spain

boats in Cadaquez, SpainCadaques is just lovely. It all starts with a winding mountainous climb and descent through olive groves and ocean vistas. A beautiful little town that one could meander around for days and days. Uniform whitewashed buildings with terracotta tiled roofs, gorgeous beaches, quaint seaside restaurants and amazing little shops. Of course I would be remiss if I did not mention that Salvador Dali had his home here and spent much of his life in this charming area. The Dali home, has since his death, been turned into a museum offering a peek into the personal life of this Spanish Artist.Dali House Cadaques, SpainThe Dali studio inside his home. Two paintings stand unfinished.Salvidor Dali House
The exterior of the house where one could easily describe as outrageous and sometimes downright bizzare. I would expect nothing less.

A fantastic week with fantastic friends.

Now we are on our way back to France as we make our way towards Italy.

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