Blue and White Outdoor Space

The rains have stopped and the sun is shining. Get out there and enjoy it! My dog certainly is. A sliver of sunshine is enough for him, but if the sun isn’t quite enough to entice you outdoors then creating a beautiful outdoor living space may be. Though this deck is on the smallish side one of it’s major perks is it’s covered, allowing me a little more freedom to create an inviting space perfect for lounging or visiting with friends and family. Once the furniture layout was complete with two sofas, two arm chairs and an outdoor fireplace, I decided on a blue and white colour scheme.

Here are some of the pieces I choose to get the look I was after.

I picked up this vintage pleather hassock and slip covered it in a washable outdoor blue fabric. Because the fabric sits slightly loose and baggy it creates a relaxed feel. Perfect for a casual gathering spot. The hassock, as well as all of my outdoor furniture pieces, have removable covers for easy washing. An absolute must in my opinion. I also added casters to the bottom of the Hassock so it could easily be moved around. It is perfect to use as a footstool between the two chairs or throw a tray on and use as a side table.

If you look closely, and I mean super closely, you will see a twig of Bamboo peeking out behind the chair in the above photo. I transplanted two chunks of Bamboo out of my backyard and they sit in planters behind the two chairs flanking the fireplace. Once they have had a chance to establish themselves and grow (fingers crossed), I think they will look beautiful in this spot.

Throw cushions are a perfect way to add colour, texture, pattern and comfort to any space.

A patterned rug and coasters both from Urban Barn add another element of texture and pattern. I know what you’re thinking…coasters, really?? Tis true, an outdoor space typically does not require coasters, but I couldn’t resist the gorgeous old world designs that fit perfectly into my colour scheme.

If space permits, creating little vignettes not only helps define your style, but it also gives you a perfect spot to show off some of you favourite pieces. These two stumps of wood hold decorative items most of the time, but can also function as side tables if need be.  Duel function is perfect for smaller spaces.

I absolutely fell in love with this concrete bowl made by a a local artist. I love the colours, the free flowing design of the paint, the organic sculptural look, and the overall feel of this little gem. Could not resist! Sometimes I get way too excited about the little things.

Some other quirky little decorative items are a bird cage set on top an Ikea metal table spray painted in a deep blue complete with a weathered road sign from Calgary, my old stomping grounds.

I have had this vintage clothes line and rigging hook on my deck for years and I never seem to tire of it. Over the years it has held light fixtures, hanging plants or lanterns.

For privacy reasons, I added a set of white drapes to one side of my deck. I usually close the drapes during the evening which not only adds privacy, but helps create a more intimate atmosphere.

Whatever colours you choose, be sure to create an outdoor space uniquely you.