Parisian Inspired Cork Board

perisian inspired upholstered cork board with old distressed picture frame

I purchased this  lovely ornate picture frame from the local Salvation Army store. I fell in love with the details and size of the frame immediately and knew that a quick lick of paint would turn this tired looking frame into something stunning.

Here is the frame in the condition in which I found it.

ornate french country perisian inspired picture frameclose up view of ornate old french inspired picture frame in original state







I painted the frame in an off white colour. One coat was all it took as I knew I would be distressing the frame. After painting, I used a coarse sandpaper and scuffed up the frame, focusing on edges and highly patterned areas.

repurposed old french country style picture frame painted and distressedpainted and distressed french country picture frame







After painting the frame, I was ready to focus on the cork board. I had an old mirror backing kicking around that I decided to use, but you could also use a heavy cardboard as your backing. I then cut the board to size, keeping in mind that I would be covering the entire board with material. I purchased a roll of cork and spray glued it onto the backing. Cork comes in different thicknesses so make sure you grab a thick one for stick pins. I then centered my material on the board and stapled it in place.

cork covered in material to be inserted into old distressed french country picture frame

Now, all that was left to be done was inserting the material covered cork board into the frame, attaching some heavy-duty picture hanging wire and voila…a Parisian inspired cork board.

perisian inspired upholstered cork board with old distressed picture frame


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