A wee Li’l Laundry Closet

Our laundry room is not so much a room, as it is a little closet tucked under the stairs. Even though it is a small space, I was hoping for an airy look with both hidden and open storage, lots of light and a counter surface for folding if needed. Budget was a concern for this project so I needed to make design choices that were cost-effective. The priority for our family, was a good quality, energy-efficient front loading washer and dryer so the majority of the funds went to good appliances.

Here is how our laundry closet began.

Under the stairs Laundry closet before shot

To keep costs down, we went shopping at our local Habitat for Humanity store for flooring, a cupboard and an old wood door. I purchased a used light fixture at a local Salvation Army store. We did purchase puck lights and some building materials new, but for the most part we tried to buy second hand.  We installed a long floating shelf that runs the length of the back of the closet and then attached puck lights to the underside adding another much needed light source. The floating shelf, cupboard and wood door were all painted Cloud White while the walls were done in a soft green tone called Raindance by Benjamin Moore.

The flooring is a click together vinyl made to look like distressed wood. We went this route as it is easy to install and damage would be minimal if we had some water issues. The painted wood door was cut to size and installed as a counter surface. The final touches were to add hardware and some accessories. All the not so pretty stuff is in the cupboard and all the pretty stuff is on the open shelf.

Here is our Laundry Closet now.

Under the stairs laundry closet painted in Benjamin Moore Raindance with white accessories