Old Wooden Window Headboard

master bedroom with old wooden upholstered window headboard

These old wooden windows have literally been my headboard for over 13 years. I salvaged them from my mom’s backyard many, many, moons ago. Only some of the glass was intact when I found them so I just popped out the remaining glass so all I was left with was the wooden frame.

The frame can be painted any color you wish to coordinate with your decor and believe me these little ladies have seen many changes over the last 13 years. I used these windows as a headboard on their own and also with fabric as shown above.

Old wooden window frames used as a headboard in a wood color before being painted

To add the fabric I used a sheet of plywood cut smaller than the window frame and covered it in cotton batting. After this, I cut a piece of material a little larger than the plywood and covered the batting. I then stapled the material in place. A tip for this, is to situate your material just so, then flip the whole thing over so that the plywood side is now face up. To make sure the material stays is place, staple in the middle of all four sides then start working your way out to the corners. You can also spray glue your material down I guess, but I like to change my material so I prefer to just staple.

plywood and material used in old wooden window headboard

After material is in place, you can simply screw the fabric covered plywood onto the old window frames and attach them to the wall. Theses frames are pictured with a king sized bed, but would work with any size and configuration. One of the many reasons I love this idea. It is so versatile and so easily changed. Feel like you need a pop of color, change the fabric or repaint the frames. I suspect I will have this headboard for many years to come.

Old wooden window headboard painted and covered with fabric


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