Turn an Old Cabinet into a functional Accessory Station

I was asked by a client to turn this old cabinet she had kicking around into something functional. In it’s day, it was most likely used in an old farmhouse style kitchen or bathroom. I, however, decided it would work great in my clients walk-in-closet as an accessory station. I love imperfect pieces like this where shelves are slightly askew and hints of use over years are evident.

The cabinet had been recently painted, but the colour did not suit the space so I decided to paint it a creamy white.

Because I wanted to leave the character of the piece intact I enhanced existing worn spots with a light sanding.

The existing wooden bar along the bottom of the cabinet is the perfect spot for scarves. I added 3 hooks in the long vertical section to hold necklaces. A couple of well placed bowls hold rings and earrings. A decided to hang a metal bar along the bottom horizontal shelf to accommodate bracelets.

A perfect way to repurpose an old cabinet. Turn it into a highly functional accessory station and the beauty of designing your own is you can deck it out to suite your exact needs.

Great little weekend project!


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