Outdoor Spaces

Backyard garden entertaining area with kids play area, patio stones and adirondack chairs

The great thing about outdoor living spaces, is you can simply have fun! This is the area to let your playful side take over. I love adding decorative items to my flower beds to create little vignettes throughout the yard.  I live on the West Coast of Canada so items like cool pieces of drift wood and rocks are a must. A more unique item I have is  a red and white ships funnel that I salvaged from the scrap metal bin and put it in one of my flower beds. I love it for the pop of color it adds to the yard year round, as well as, the fact that it is unexpected. Adding little gems like these can be real conversation starters, especially when placed around entertaining areas. Other unique items we have found while combing local beaches are glass fishing balls, old signs and life rings.

Drift wood in flower bed with glass ball and ships funnel

Drift wood pieces can be used to hang containers which hold tea lights. During the day these containers are purely decorative while at night they make the flowerbeds come alive with a subtle light source.

Water fountains add a wonderful feeling of relaxation and should be placed near a sitting area if possible, where we can enjoy them. I created this beautiful, but simple little fountain with a metal stand and a large glass bowl purchased at a second-hand shop. We did not have a power source to the fountains location so I purchased a solar-powered pump from a local garden shop. This was the most expensive part of the project. I added small beach rocks, beach glass and an Abalone shell to hide the fountain itself in the glass bowl. The end result…STUNNING!

Glass bowl water fountain in garden filled with beach rocks, beach glass and abalone shell

Of course if you are a nature lover, (and have no felines!) no yard would be complete without a bird feeder and bathing station. Ours is a simple bird bath set in a more secluded and shaded section of the yard. During the hot summer months this area of the yard is teeming with activity. The kids Love it! Oh, and the birds do too!

Flower bed with bird bath

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