Signs you’re in Hawaii

Kealakekua Bay, Captain Cook big island Hawaii

You know you are in Hawaii when you are driving around and this is the view you have out your car window all the time. I took this shot of Kealakekua Bay from the side of the road when we stopped at the highly recommended Coffee Shack on the Big Island.

bathroom signs big island hawaii

Okay, at first I had no idea which door to go through. A tip to help remember which one; women starts with a W.

salvation army highway sign Ohana, big island hawaii

You really do have to watch for these. Those suckers are heavy!

black sand beach turtle sign big island hawaii

I absolutely love this sign from the Black Sand Beach. So glad the Green Sea Turtle is protected.

chameleon kona big island hawaii

If you see a chameleon crossing sign, stop and look around. You may just see a chameleon, well…crossing. We saw this little fella at the Greenwell Coffee Farm in Kona.

Nene crossing sign big island hawaii

They say the Nene are descendants of a pair of Canadian Geese that lost their way while migrating and decided to make Hawaii their home. Some may think this pair of geese were stupid for loosing their way, but I think they knew exactly what they were doing when they ditched “V” formation and made their way to the Big Island.

donkey crossing sign big island hawaii

Didn’t see a single donkey, but saw lots of goats.

Hawaii hitorical site sign

Whenever looking for a historical site or place of interest, keep your eyes peeled for this sign and you won’t miss a thing.

sandwich islands sign hawaii

Glad Captain Cook did not have his way and the Hawaiian Islands were not called the Sandwich Islands after Cook’s superior, Lord Sandwich.

whoa sign parker ranch

Okay, I only saw one of these and that was in Waimea on the Big Island.

kapu sign big island hawaii

Take heed, these signs clearly mark the areas where you are not supposed to be. Not good Ju Ju to break Kapu.

Ipu Art studio big island hawaii

This is Paul’s favorite sign. It’s a guy thing.

salvation army highway sign ohana, big island hawaii

A shout out to my peeps at the Salvation Army. Always doing good in the community.

rusted road sign big island hawaii

This sign is like a trip to psychiatrist. You have to interpret it for yourself. I see a big-bellied man in dark pants, a large nose and lobster claw hands running with giant glasses on his face with the words “Don’t Be A” written above. What that means to the psychiatrist? I have no idea, but it’s probably not good.

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  1. I see a alligator,with a fat belly wearing pants. That view everywhere you go, must get annoying after awhile!

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